KIE monitor's Team held a Press Conference for publishing a report about coverage of human right issues in Kurdish Media Outlets26 / 6 / 2012

On June 24, 2012, KIE held a press conference in Qawaxanay kalture (cultural coffee) in sulaymanyah province for publishing the final results of the prepared report by the KIE monitoring team about addressing the human rights issue in eighteen different types of Kurdish press including Newspapers, magazines, Radio, satellite channels and Websites. This report considers data and charts to highlight the amount of attention and importance of human rights to different variety of media in the last two months (April and May 2012). 

According to the method which is used in the report, there is a list of seventeen categories of human rights. The news would be counted as the one which highlights the human rights issue if at least one of these categories was mentioned by it otherwise it will not be considered.
 In the press conference almost of the covered media outlet reporters had attended and they took questions towards the monitor team members about the variety dimensions of both of the implementing the project and the contents of the report.
This report is the second part of a project entitled "media monitoring in Kurdistan 2012" which is provided with funds by International Media Support (IMS).  
The results of the report have been published in several covered media outlets